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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  October 26, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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this is kpix 5 news. it's kind of hard to fathom, it's human beings here. a bay area nursing home shut down leaving a dozen residences to friend for themselves. good evening i'm ann notarangelo. >> reporter: the state shut down the home thursday so for the past 48 hours these patients have been on their own. almost their lifeline, the two staff members who stayed behind and the neighbor who had seen enough. this is a care facility shut down for two days filled with patients but hardly any staff. >> it upsets me. >> reporter: this woman asked us to hide her identity after complaining about the home for
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several years. >> the staff isn't over there. what's going on. >> reporter: 14 patients were inside with only two workers caring for them. a janitor and a cook. >> it's kind of hard to fathom. they're human beings here and we just leave people behind? >> reporter: the patients were moving to other facilities or with family. authorities are now searching for the staff that abandoned their patients. >> hopefully people will find out what's been going on. >> reporter: authorities don't know how many owners or managers they're looking for but they'll face abuse charges. >> we were unable to reach the department of social services
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for comment tonight. sheriffs were asked multiple times to look for a patient who was later found dead. they were approached on four occasions. it's not clear how deputies responded to the request. she disappeared and was found three weeks later. a man arrested after a shoot out in roseville is awit -- awaiting charges tonight. duran is believed to have turned on the gas in the house he was staying in last night and that made it more dangerous. >> there was evidence that there was gas from both officers and people calling us from the neighborhood saying they could smell it.
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we didn't want the house to blow up. >> some people in the neighborhood had to wait more than 24 hours before they could return to their homes. as for the officers, one remains hospitalized but is expected to make a full recoverly. in santa rosa today mourning for a victim killed by police for carrying a toy rifles. >> reporter: flowers and cards mound for the 13-year-old. he wouldn't throw down his toy gun and that's why he was killed. >> middle aged man, 24 years experience as a cop, and this is what we get? >> we used to play air stop guns right here when we were
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young. >> >. the rid who got killed is going to miss christmas and halloween. >> reporter: the deputy fired seven times. that's not unusual to a man to trains police officers. >> an average officers without stress will shoot two to three rounds without any stress at all. you can double that under stress. >> reporter: it made a fire storm of protest. >> we want justice. >> reporter: newly poured concrete was used to write remembrances for the boy. it has been brushed over and probably torn up. it will be some time before the case is resol -- resolved, much less forgotten.
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>> we're reviewing the shooting. we will do our due diligence to determine whether or not a federal crime has been committed or not. >> >. there will be another memorial and march wednesday. the eastern side of the bay bridge was the sight of a crash today, which was part of a drill which goes for 48 straight hours. it started 6:00 o'clock this morning. urban shield is the largest first response training in the state. they are investigating a billion dollar black market website in san francisco. this man is accused of operating the website silk road where people could buy illegal
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drugs and other things. he was arrested last month. a smoking engine forced a san francisco bound flight to turn around in honolulu. it was about to take off when passengers heard a loud bang and saw smoke. the plane returned to the gate and no one was hurt. a man was arrested at jfk airport for packing a loaded rifle in his luggage. he was trying to go to charlotte north carolina. they also found two hand guns in his bag and the serial numbers were covered up. anger over secret government fines spilled -- spying spilled into the streets
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today. the protest coming after a claim saying the us spied on foreign allies. >> reporter: germany and france had no idea the us was spying on them. the us seems just as surprised to find another secret was out thanks to nsa leaker edward snowden. there is a better understanding of what snowden has but there's no way of knowing the next shoe to drop. german merkel says that her faith in the us is shaken. the latest batch of leaked documents also alleged the nsa tapped french phone records and world leaders. spying tactics were under
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review. >> we want to ensure we're collecting information because we need it not because we can. >> reporter: germany and france want to know why they were caught up to it and want the us to sign up to the code of conduct, and there's talk of multimillion dollar fines for us companies who don't protect the privacy of their clients. some are sending teams to the us to meet with government officials about spying but as one french foreign minister put it, let's be honest, listen to too. -- too. piedmont dedicated it's
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library to stevens killed with the terror attack in benghazi last year. he still has family in the east bay. another bay area police chief is calling it quits plus bart trains pay be running again but the commute crisis is not over yet. we'll definitely feel a cool down next week, but rain still in the forecast. that's next on kpix 5. ,,,,
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on the force. apparent will you the best person to be the police chief was already on the force. after nine months of searching the city manager says she's ready to give the job to larry, the acting chief now. he faces quite a challenge should he get the job. there has been heavy turnover and a fight over pensions. meanwhile another bay area community is losing it's police chief. he took over in 2005 when it
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was the murder capital of the country. he's now going to washington to head up the committee there losing the lessons -- using the lessons he learned here. >> you have to share the authority with the community. >> his last day is november 8th. unions are goings to vote on new contracts next week. should both approve their deals the contracts then go to the bart board of directors for final approvals. it could vote in november before then. and gas prices continue to
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drop in california but we're paying more than most of the country. the california average went down about a nickel this week, that's a fifth straight week we've seen a decline but it's still well above the national average. san francisco has some of the most expensive gas. if you're looking for a deal, there's a station selling for $3.47. the affordable care act website should be working by the enof november. the high number of people trying to access the site has contributes to problems. president obama says that shows how much americans need affordable health care but republicans say it could indicate worse issues to come. >> that proves how much demand there is for it and that's why in the coming weeks we are going to get it working.
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>> will glitches become provider payment glitches? will they be told they're not in the system. >> a private contractor is brought in to fix the issues. thousands of breast cancer survivors and supports made strides today part of a national effort by the american cancer society. the walk helped raise money or research and people living with breast cancer. beautiful sky out there. >> you know what's great about getting out great in the morning? it's colder. 47-degrees this morning for a bike ride. we're cooling down outside very
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quickly. good evening. weather camera looking out. we actually have some fog that is now drifting into the bay. currently san francisco very cool. 51-degrees. santa rosa in the 40s. san jose upper 40s. oakland low 50s. todays highs were anywhere from the 50s to the 70s. interest enough, sonoma was coolest at 35. grab an extra blanket tonight. okay, here's what you need to know. overnight the development of widespread fog. some partial coastal clearing for sunday and i'm now really believing we'll see isolated
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showers monday but future cast right now pinpointing fog that's going to hang tight to the coast. no clearing. this is what's really telling. computer models now in firm agreement we'll see at least a tenth of an inch of rain around the mountains and eastern portion of our district. we'll end up with cloud cover by night fall. it will be a tad cooler. this is the area of low pressure right here making the eastern portion of the bay area and traveling to the mountains. even with an isolated shower we'll see and feel the difference in our temperatures. dipping down to 50-degrees by monday. 50s and 60s at the beaches. jumping to the mid and high 70s, and 75 in santa clara.
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about two to three degrees cooler there. central bay numbers in the 60s. then lake port in the mid 70s. that's a cool down by 10- degrees tomorrow there. clouded up monday, we'll see some isolated showers. we could see even a little bit of a light rain fall around the eastern portion. halloween's going to be beautiful. you know what i remember last year? how great the weather was? >> it was gorgeous last year. all right, look at this though. >> that's amazing.
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lava. it erupted overnight the latest series of eruptions after earthquakes in the area. no reports of damage. this is the 14th time it has erupted this year. >> that's my head when i come home each night and trip over my kid's stuff. all right, let's talk about the world series. that was nuts. >> yeah, but we only have tonight to talk about it because game 4 is tomorrow. world series game 3. if you're the red sox you're saying what just happened. the cardinals are saying what just happened? a crazy outcome to digest. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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...and part of sunday to kit >. world series leads it off and as i said before the break we only have tonight and part of sunday because game four is tomorrow. a real bang bang play herement runner at third -- here. runner add third. goes home with it. throws it away at third. trips over the man, craig is tagged out but obstruction is called. not interference, obstruction is called by the third base
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umpire. you see why. so they're station craig would have -- saying that craig would have scored and that's why the cardinals win it 5-#4. >> he can no longer obstruct is player once the ball is fielded. the feet were up in the air and he tripped over right there and immediately i called obstruction. >> from the replay i didn't see how it was obstruction. you know, he was trying to jump over him, so i don't see how it was. >> this game isn't going to define our team. we lost a tough game and we'll come out and play tomorrow, and
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yeah. yeah, this won't stop us. >> we're going to let you catch your breath because on the other side we've got the sharks and college football. oregon state, man. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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two big's in the bay area, p e same pattern..
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back with college football boys and girls and the tale of the two bigs keep following the same pattern. now the oregon state quarterback, but it was stanford's offense that was the star early. second half, he's breaking free. 32-yard play and 145 and three scores. but the beavers had a chance to tie it right here. it was broken up and the cardinals win. next week the oregon ducks come to town. >> every time i see him he's got the same look. waiting for something to happen. 68-yard play and the washington
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huskers go it was 17-0. he's looking for harper and finds him on the slant 17-7 at that point. and huskies just ran away with it. another deep ball and the huskies with four minutes to play in the game lead 41 to 17. look at this. now he's playing for the sharks. and it was logan on the receiving end. second shut out of the year. got help here. little stick check to save a goal. early third, put the biscuit in
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the basket and the sharks shut them out by a final of 2-0. >> soccer the ball just didn't do you understand the earthquakes way enough. to be playoff eligible they had to beat dallas today by 13 goals. >> so you're telling me there's a chance? >> yeah, final game for the earthquakes. had a nice shot and missed. the quakes win the game final of 2-1. and a nice carry off the field. the fan base is passionate. they love the players. >> all right, thank you. and we'll be right back. ,,,,
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record. nearby in santa monica, the halloween surf competition. in addition to being judged for best costume, they acted out their costumes while surfing. >> that was cute. our seven day forecast we do look like we have a scattered rain drop or two saturday through monday. >> we'll see you tomorrow night. >> good night. female narrator: it's posturepedic versus beautyrest it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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rose and manfred... she's really doing it. and we're clear. yep. that ought to do it. who moves you, rose? him or me? i love manny. fine. time's up. (door closes) alan: charlie, you home?


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